Toronto Team Key Participant in $5-million Pan-Canadian Precision-medicine Initiative for Pancreas Cancer

March 13, 2018

Dr. Steven Gallinger, Head, HPB Surgery and Dr. Jennifer Knox, GI Oncology lead at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, are among the Principal Investigators of the $5-million, pan-Canadian, precision-medicine initiative known as Enhanced Pancreatic Cancer Profiling for Individualized Care, or EPPIC.

More than 100 patients from the McCain Centre for Pancreatic Cancer at the Princess Margaret have already participated in the COMPASS trial, which, combined with Vancouver research; provides the foundation upon which EPPIC will now expand.

The inclusion of Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton is anticipated to increase the number of eligible patients in the study to 400.

Further details are available at the following link:


McCain Centre Team: Drs. Jennifer Knox and Steven Gallinger, far left